A Small Business FOCUSED on Small Business...

At VCi we base our business model on the belief that small businesses have the same needs and requirements as enterprise companies. Which is why we provide enterprise technology at a small business price.

Vanishing Clouds, Inc. is a small business. We like it that way and we like dealing with other small- and medium-sized businesses. Don't get us wrong, we've done the "corporate gig" and many large companies are great. But we believe that large companies, especially those with an MIS staff, can take care of themselves. Most of these companies have a clear IT and Internet strategy and the resources to implement it.

On the other hand, most small- and medium-sized businesses don't have the luxury of a full-time MIS staff... and they don't really need one all the time, but when they need computer support they need it now. What's more, these companies (which have traditionally accounted for most of the employment, most of the innovation, and most of the service in our economy) often don't understand the benefits of a solid network infrastructure and Internet presence.



Often times the "last mile" in making your business computers really work for your business is a custom development project. Vanishing Clouds provides a wide range of development services to help our clients really leverage the investments they've made in their computer systems.

What makes our development services different is our focus on business value. That means we'll only propose a custom development if it has a demonstrable return on investment (ROI). We start any development project with a look at your business situation, analyze your workflow (the business process) and can help you estimate the likely cost savings/sales increase that the project should bring.

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VCi specializes in helping small businesses run their computer operations efficiently and safely, which is no small feat in today's increasingly dangerous security environment. We can help you recover from a hard drive failure but more importantly we can put a system in place to ensure such an event won't interrupt your operations in the future.

The cornerstone of our standard network configuration is Microsoft's technologies. Whether on premise using Microsoft's Small Business Server in a virtural environment, off premise in the "Cloud," or a combination of on and off premise we design a plan that meets your business requirements.

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Design & Development

For many companies today, having a web site is like having a telephone or a fax... it's virtually a cost of doing business. But many small businesses really don't have a coherent web strategy. The result is they miss a key opportunity to get closer to their customers/suppliers.

Today people expect to be able to order online, check the status of your service to them, fill out applications/forms/etc. or maybe just schedule an appointment with you. The best thing about these projects is: they shift costs from you (to answer telephones, do data entry, etc.) to your customer—and they will thank you for it!

Vanishing Clouds can help you identify the development projects with the best ROI.

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