Web Design & Development


Vanishing Clouds believes that all websites should be able to benefit from quality design that stimulates and engages your users. VCi has talented designers on staff that can work with you to create sensational web experiences.

Our designers can help your small business with a complete branding effort, including creation of company logos, crafting of your company’s story, and displaying that to the world through a fully custom website.

Or for the more budget conscious, our designers can customize a stunning, low-cost, pre-made website template to suit your company’s existing brand. We can integrate this template-based design into a content management system so you remain in control of all content updates, further minimizing your total cost.

Regardless of your budget and complexity of your needs, VCi wants to design an outstanding web experience for your company.


Custom web development, utilizing leading edge technologies, to provide benefits like:

  • Responsive layout that adapts to the size of your browser - be it mobile phone, tablet, or widescreen desktop.
  • Ecommerce sites that provide a shopping experience "like the big guys."
  • Personalization, so your visitors/users can customize the site to suit their tastes, so the site remembers their preferences, etc.
  • Link to "internal" systems, thereby keeping corporate data safely located behind your firewall but still letting web visitors use that information; for example, to track where their projects are, schedule an appointment, update their records, etc.

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art/science of making your website show up at the top of web search results on sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. For many companies, ranking high on web searches can be the difference between business going to them or to a competitor.

There is no magic way to guarantee ranking success. Achieving a quality, first-page search result position requires a detailed understanding of your business, research into your industry and competitors, and a highly customized website design that promotes the key information your customers are searching for.

Vanishing Clouds has a proven track record of successfully re-designing small business websites that consistently rank in the top ten (first page) of Google search results for the desired search terms. Don’t be fooled by claims of first page results for unrealistic prices. SEO requires quality design – VCi can help.

Knowledge Engineering

For some firms a website is just "brochureware"... a little advertizing about the company. But many of our clients have gone beyond that and derive business value from it. We've helped clients identify how they can:

  • Organize and simplify hundreds of thousands of products into a conherent, understandable catalog system. This system helps their clients specify their products in new projects.
  • Present thousands of unique pieces of equipment using custom business rules and pictures which capture the essence of this specific market. By understanding what's important (and not) for this client's customers, most pages now rank on the first page for key Google searches.