Software Development

Knowledge Engineering

For many businesses computers present a cost center. They are a necessary cost of doing business but that's all they ever seem to be--a cost. Enterprises often have inhouse developers to create custom software which gives them a competative advantage: serving customers better than the competition, reducing supply-chain/support costs, speeding development of new, exciting products which give the company an advantage in the marketplace. Small businesses typically don't think they can afford custom development--and they probably can't afford inhouse developers.

But working with a partner like VCi can change that. Our business-focused approach takes the time to learn your business and melds it with our knowledge of technology. By putting the business problem before the technology, you end up doing the right things (rather than doing the wrong things right).

We've helped clients obtain results like:

  • Identify opportunities to "triage" incoming work and dramatically reduce effort on the "easy 80%."
  • Develop workflow support systems that cut "time in process" work by over 85%.
  • Apply techniques like "swim lane" analysis to business processes to dramatically cut, or eliminate, "internal only" work.
  • Recommend simple integration projects to eliminate "swivel chair" integration.

Development Environment

Database applications in Microsoft Access or SQL Server, like:

  • A complete "line of business" application for tracking customers, perform complex billing calculations and directly interface with their accounting package.
  • Track "projects" assigned by customers, including a web interface that lets customers submit new work and review the status of work in progress.
  • Simple "task tracker" applications, custom tuned to the business's requirements.
  • Drive customized web sites that provide "personalization" for its customers while requiring much less effort to modify when new products/suppliers are added.

Excel/Word macros to automate a variety of tasks, like:

  • Reformatting mailing lists downloaded from a web site.
  • Automatically import a "bounced check" report from corporate office
  • Simple "task tracker" applications, custom tuned to the business's requirements.

Custom application, many utilizing Microsoft's new .NET programming model, like:

  • Administrative tools that simplify redundant tasks.
  • Communications tools that let users quickly access remote systems, etc.

Agile Development

  • Small, manageable iterations add only the functionality you truly require
  • No need to wait for months & months

Technology Showcase

  • .Net
  • Silverlight / WPF / WinRT
  • SQL Server - Database
  • Microsoft Access Conversion
  • SharePoint
  • Database Consulting