About Us


Our Company

Vanishing Clouds was incorporated in 1997 to help small and growing businesses benefit from "enterprise IT" strategies. We believe that business should drive technology not the other way around and we'll design your solutions based on this methodology. Although we come from the enterprise world, VCi focuses on small businesse with the belief that everyone should be run with the same professionalism. As your IT department we will put together a strategy that translates your business objectives into server/network solutions, training, website design and custom programming to assist you in leveraging Microsoft technologies and your investment.


Our Team

President – Jeff Hart

Jeff has undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics.  Unwilling to just be a technology geek he then got an executive MBA to satisfy his love of both business and technology.  He started Vanishing Clouds out of a desire to create an experience he couldn’t find.  “It Just Works” on both the business side and the technology side.  Our team was created from his key mottos of “We eat our own dogfood to be sure it’s the best” and “We all put bumpers on the same way every time”. He has crafted a team that practices what they preach, and delivers with consistency.


System Support and Administration – Ryan Ust & Bryan Wolfe

When you call Vanishing Clouds, a human being picks up the phone. Ryan and Wolfe are the voice of Vanishing Clouds on the phone.  As experienced System Administrators and Network Engineers, they are key partners in delivering every aspect of what Vanishing Clouds provides.  They pride themselves on taking on the customer's point of view in every interaction.


Customer Relations/Business Operations – Elisa Weddle

Elisa started her relationship with Vanishing Clouds as a client/customer outside the world of technology.  When she chose a change of scenery we were fortunate she chose us.  She brings a unique and valued perspective to what’s needed to meet the customer’s expectations.  She brings first hand experience in the needs of doing business in the cannabis industry.